Introducing Rach---

I know I promised to introduce Rachael to you ages ago, but I needed the right photo!  Rachael is my new (still kind of new) office/admin assistant.  She is in the office, such as it is, Monday and Wednesday mornings keeping me in line, processing orders etc.  This afternoon she also tagged along to assist on a family portrait shoot (which I can't blog yet as it's a surprise). 

What I love about Rach is she'll give anything a go, whether it's assisting at short notice or modelling at short notice when my original model flakes (spot a trend with the 'short notice' thing?).  Consequently if she looks familiar it's because she is in lots of my promo shots (that's her in the red dress on my front page for example).  So this was Rach testing the light for me before my 'real' subjects turned up :-)


AND...while we were standing around waiting another photographer wandered over to say hi.  At first I didn't recognise her although she looked slightly familiar.  Then she introduced herself as Angela! I have admired her work for the longest time but never met her (her face was familiar from all the time I spend on her website!).  I tried to be slightly cool but failed miserably...check out her site and you'll see why I'm such a fan!




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