Introducing - Happy Mum

I love being in business for myself and I guess my enthusiasm must be contagious, two of my good friends are launching their own businesses this month and it's really exciting (and quite an honour) to be involved.

I've known Sue Jury for about ten years now and she's one of my absolute favourite people to talk to about ideas and issues.  She's an excellent listener and has helped me get my thoughts in order more times than I can count!  When I first met her she was studying for her Masters in Psychology at Uni, she then completed the Clinical Psych. programme (very hard to get into), all of this while raising five (yes, five!) kids on her own.

So 'Happy Mum' is all about combining that theoretical stuff with the practical stuff and providing real support for Mums and babies beyond the first six weeks (you know, that magical time when it's all supposed to get easier but it doesn't).  I just love this idea, I know there is such a need out there!

If you know of new parents who could do with a bit of extra support (let's face it, who couldn't?) Sue also offers gift certificates for family and friends.

Again, come see us on the stand tomorrow and get free stuff :-)



4:57pm 21st May 2008


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