Megan and Stephen - Woodlands

Woohoo, wicked cool wedding today! Stephen and Megan were married this afternoon at Woodlands and they had a HELICOPTER!!! It was too cool! I got to go up twice and I got to have the door open the second time, I couldn't stop grinning :-) This is me waving out while flying up to get a very cool group shot.

The wedding was also lovely and Megan's dress was a beautiful, silk number from Jane Yeh. Stephen looked lovely too of course! Their celebrant was Stephen's old school chaplain from St Pauls and one of Megan's pupils sang an amazing aria for them (she was just unbelievably good).

Oh, and then there was the tank and the howitzer...Stu started the day with the guys at the Hillside Hotel in Huntly doing guy things. They had cigars, guns, a tank, a howitzer and claybird shooting. Check out Stu's awesome image (all those MASH reruns condensed into one shot!)...

But all the cool 'stuff' aside, this was just a beautiful wedding with two people who obviously care very deeply about each other, supported by their families and friends. I love full day coverage because it means we really get know the couple and we sure meet some nice people.


We just had the best day today! Thanks so much Megan and Stephen.

Some more of Megan and Stephen's photos are now online!



Caroline McKenzie
11:29pm 8th April 2008

i LOVE the last photo of theirs with them dancing under the shelter!!!

Karyn @ Photofever
9:10pm 13th April 2008

Okay I am seriously jealous! You got to go in a helicopter how coooooool!!!

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