Mandy and Shannon - Mt Maunganui

This seems to have been a very much anticipated wedding today, I first met Shannon nearly two years ago when he was Steve's best man when Steve married Kimberley. I distinguished myself on that occasion by falling into a garden but no such entertainment today!

Mmm loving the Rolls Royces these guys had hired for their day. They really do purr, there's just no other way to describe it. And Pat and Jeanette from Regal Limousines (who own the green and silver 'rollers') are so friendly and nice (we got chatting at the bar afterwards and he was telling us about chauffering Joan Collins!)

We were just minding our own business shooting some pics by the railway tracks (as you do) when this train came and posed for us. Shannon is a total train geek (you know I mean that with respect right? Any kind of geek is totally cool in my book).  Anyway Shannon is a total train geek so this was the BEST!

And then...there was the helicopter ride!  I think Mandy's mum had organised for them to have a surprise helicopter ride when they arrived at the reception (at AvGas Cafe at Classic Flyers Aviation Museum).  Too cool.

Congratulations you guys, thanks for having us!

See more of Mandy and Shannon's pics here.



Mr and Mrs Bowler (newlyweds)
5:28pm 1st May 2008

Trains and Planes
Well Nicola, you do not come more highly recommended.

From the get go, we never ever felt uncomfortable or like we were envaded by a lens in our face all day.

You were professional, reliable yet relaxed and always a phone call away to answer all our questions.

Can not wait to see the rest of the photos.

Cheers for all you have done,

Mr and Mrs Bowler (newlyweds)

Isabel (bridesmaid)
8:50pm 1st May 2008

Shannon and Mandy's wedding
Wow! I just like to thank you for the amazing photos you took for my big bro's wedding. They are amazing!! We all scrubbed up quite well on the day, and you captured the mood perfectly in your photos. Thank you very much!!

5:09pm 3rd May 2008

You're SO welcome! Thanks guys!

10:48pm 23rd August 2008

6:39am 25th August 2008

6:05am 27th August 2008

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