27th Apr 2008, 9:24am

I'm taking a couple of days off this week for school holidays so I've posted a couple of extra pics on the blog from Tagget and Eoin's wedding yesterday as I won't be around to post the usual ones on Wednesday.

I'll have my cellphone if you need to contact me and my office manager Rachael will be here keeping things ticking over, checking emails etc.

Speaking of Rach...I need to do a big blog post introducing her.  I'll introduce her properly next week I promise.



27th Apr 2008, 12:35am

Congratulations Tagget and Owen! 

It was a beautiful wedding for a lovely family.  Here's one of my faves:

 I know, I know, not your typical wedding portrait...it just made me smile.  Check out Keira, the flowergirl, making her big entrance.  Is there any doubt about who is the star of the show?

 Here's Tagget's Dad, Max getting into the thirties gangster groove...

 And one last one...


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