Kim and Ian - Parana Park

Woohoo Kim and Ian! Kim and Ian also came all the way from England to be married here. Kim's a local and Ian is a pom (but we won't hold that against him...much!) and they get to do it all again in June with another celebration in England.

I hope it's OK to share this story, it just made me laugh so hard...apparently Ian was told that what Kim really wanted for Christmas started with 'R' and ended with 'G'. And he spent about a week trying to work out why she would want a rug so badly! What a sweetie :-)

This was such a fun wedding...check out Moses the dog politely looking the other way while they snog!

Kim and Ian's wedding photos are now online!


8:15pm 20th March 2008

Cool effect
That's a neat photoshop effect!

9:07pm 20th March 2008

thanks :-) But you know it's not about the just about the photoshop right?!

8:49pm 21st March 2008

Nicola - you are amazing!
First I have to say I LOVE your new look website - very cool. I loved your previous version but this one moves!
You have been the photographer for my wedding, my birthday, my pregnancy and new baby - and you just keep getting better. I look at your gallery photos of all the weddings you shoot and I want them to be mine (and remind Dave that we are going to re-new our vows) :-)
I love your work - you make every bride look like a princess but also show who they are as a person - and as a couple.

Congratulations on your Gold!
Luv Rach

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