Fay and James - Lake Karapiro

Congratulations Fay and James! Fay and James were married this afternoon in a lovely ceremony on the lawn at his parent's place. It was the most amazing setting for a wedding overlooking Lake Karapiro, and the weather was perfect. Fay looked absolutely beautiful and James looked very dashing in his kilt too. These two normally live in Melbourne but wanted to get married at home so James' Mum, Wendy was 'Wedding Planner Extrordinaire', and it was Wendy who booked me of course (without my having met James and Fay). It was at least a month after that that Fay and I realised via email that we knew each other...Fay used to be my daughter's favourite preschool teacher (my daughter is now nearly nine). So it was extra special to be a part of this really lovely wedding.

I love this candid shot from the ceremony...shot by my talented and hardworking assistant, Stu (just so he knows he is appreciated).


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